How to Plan a Trip to Havasupai

Almost There

Quit pinching yourself, you’re going to get a bruise. You actually did it. You succeeded at getting reservations for Havasu Campground or Supai Lodge! You’re going to experience the singular beauty of Havasu Canyon with your own eyes instead of through someone else’s Instagram. But now that you’re off Cloud 9 and looking to coordinate the rest of your trip’s logistics, you’re back in the “land of confusion.” Like any large-scale task, this one is made easier by breaking it down into smaller chunks, which we’ve done for you! You can thank us later.

Step 1. Decide where you want to fly into.

Las Vegas (LAS) or Phoenix (PHX) are the closest major airports; either one is about a 4-5 hour drive (one-way) from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop. Secondary commuter airports in the area include but aren’t limited to Flagstaff-Pulliam (FLG), or Laughlin/Bullhead City (IFP).

Step 2. Decide where you’ll stay the night before your hike and/or the night after.

Many hikers choose to camp at the Hualapai Hilltop parking lot the night prior to hiking to Supai so they can get an early start down the trail. Likewise for the night after hiking out in order to save money on hotels. Sleeping in one’s car, or on a cot between cars is not unheard of, or forbidden, but keep in mind that aside from portable restrooms, there are no other amenities here. This means you’ll be very hot during the summer months, or very cold during the winter months. Deer, elk, coyotes, free range cattle, and other animals frequent this area at night, and while attacks on humans are rare to unheard-of, they can and will raid food supplies left unsecured.

If you prefer the comfort and safety of civilization, hotels most convenient to Hualapai Hilltop in order of proximity are:

  • Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, Peach Springs, AZ (65 miles)
  • Hualapai Lodge, Peach Springs, AZ (67 miles)
  • Frontier Motel, Truxton, AZ (75 miles)
  • Seligman, AZ Hotels (90 miles)
  • Kingman, AZ Hotels (120 miles)
  • Williams, AZ Hotels (132 miles)

If you are flying into your staging city, be aware that some airlines may not allow for certain camping items such as hiking poles or portable stoves to be transported. You may wish to purchase or rent some or all of your gear after flying in at a local REI, Bass Pro Shop, Cabela’s or similar stores.

Step 3. Keep educating yourself about the area. A plethora of information and advice is yours for the asking online, including, but not limited to:

  • Facebook groups
  • TripAdvisor Forums
  • Bogley
  • Lonely Planet

Bookmark them, visit them frequently, and ask questions. The happiest traveler is the one who is best informed.


Step 4. Go and make memories. Happy hiking!